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Deliver the experience your customers deserve

Swifter’s digital experience platform puts you in control of your customer experience from end to end, so you can create your ideal customer journey to scale your business.

Swifter features

Your digital customer journey

End-to-end digital engagement

Swifter connects the entire customer lifecycle from start to finish, on any channel.

Increase submission-min.png

Source data and documents quickly with automated data extraction.

Guide users-min.png

Offer 24/7 customer engagement on any device.

Track and grow-min.png

Automate routine queries with customized support workflows.

Streamline user experience-min.png

Accelerate quotes and claims with simplified customer workflows and digital documentation.

Data analysis and learning

Manage your user lifecycle through a single platform to increase efficiency and customer value.

Build rich customer profiles-min.png

Connect core and third-party systems for full data visibility.

Maximise conversions-min.png

Combine policies into a single digital wallet for full visibility

Self service solution

Enable customer self-service on any device to put users in control

Track and reduce churn risk-min.png

Uncover cross-sell opportunities with comprehensive 360 customer insight

Full service optimization

Tailor your system as you need it with easy integrations and full control.

Grow your conversions-min.png

Integrate CRM, third-party data sources or marketing platforms to evolve your service model.

Tailor your user experience-min.png

Add or remove tools as needed to create new services and add more value for customers.

Integrate and cross-sell-min.png

Track reliable customer information across all platforms, segmenting and analyzing to find revenue and retention opportunities.

Compare policies and deals-min.png

Create new workflows in minutes to launch new products and engage customers throughout their lifecycle.

Take your service omnichannel

Connect with your customers on any channel. Across mobile, web and chat, you can customize inputs and journeys according to customer type and product, helping you tailor your service without increasing your workload.

Platform=Take your service omnichannel.png
Platform=No code, no problem.png

No code,
no problem

Swifter’s platform is designed to be used by anyone, with no complex coding or confusing interfaces. Build, test and launch new user journeys quickly and easily, without waiting for developers or engineers, so you can focus on your customers.

Industry-leading security

Enjoy trusted performance and reliability at scale with world class data security. Our distributed cloud servers maximize uptime and reduce risk, while user and customer controls keep your data safe on any platform

Platform=Industry-leading security-min.png
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One platform, endless value

Talk to our team to find out how our platform can take your business further.

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